This committee will be set in the civil rights movement that shook America in every manner. Leaders organized peaceful movements, with civil disobedience playing a huge role. Despite inspiring leaders making every effort to advance their cause for equality and justice, the depths of the US government are secretly conspiring against these movements and their leaders, largely due to the fear of the unknown if they were to succeed. At the time, a secret program, now known as COINTELPRO put informants deep within the workings of these civil rights movements and caused chaos and destruction from within, slowing efforts. Delegates will have to advance their causes, being wary of who they can trust.

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Meet your Dais


Aaron Clark-Ashe


Aaron Clark-Ashe is a third year English Literature student with the ambition of studying Law after his degree. He began his journey in Model UN as a delegate but now serves as Head Delegate for Concordia's Model United Nations Delegation. He's been doing MUN for 3 years and has attended several conferences such as McMUN, WorldMun, CANIMUN, HNMUN, and MUNC. When he's not invested in his studies he's often engaged with teaching others, discussing world affairs, or his passion for fitness and wellness.

alex vachon.jpg

Alexandre Vachon


Alexandre Vachon a third year Classics and Philosophy student at McGill University. He has spent countless years both attending and staffing multiple MUN conferences, and even though he cannot wait to put up his mantle, it is his utmost pleasure to be here for the inaugural edition of ConMUN. Aside from stanning Drake on a daily, his daily hobbies include making ignorant music, critiquing the colonial remnants in our political system, and handling 2500 year old artifacts.

Elias Grigoriadis

Crisis Director

Elias Grigoriadis is a second year Journalism student at Concordia University. He has spent the last five years participating in Model UN both as a delegate and a staff member at conferences such as McMUN, MUNC, WorldMUN, and many others. Born and raised in Montreal, Elias grew up in a multicultural neighbourhood and quickly developed a passion for all sorts of important matters both foreign and domestic. Elias hopes to go on to cover important events and speak on pressing issues both in Canada and around the world.


Marie-Alix Motte

Assistant Crisis Director

Marie-Alix Motte is a student at Concordia University majoring in Political Science with a minor in Human Environment. Born and raised in France from French and Canadian parents, she has benefited from each culture. After travelling to many different cities, Marie-Alix decided to choose Montreal, her city of heart to do her studies. She is a new delegate of Concordia Model UN and ConMUN will be her first experience as a dais member. Marie-Alix is looking forward to meet and work with all delegates to make this conference a unique moment.