Fly High or Say Goodbye:
Bombardier Board of Directors, 2015

More than seventy years have passed since inventor and businessman Joseph-Armand Bombardier’s snowmobile company was created. Now in 2015, this initially family-owned business has become an international transportation superpower. Being one of Quebec’s prides on the world stage and a significant employer within the province, the Bombardier family has grown - management now involves more than father and sons. Delegates in this committee, acting as members on the Board of Directors, will have to redirect their course as financial and administrative changes are made. Consequences surrounding the recent downsizing and restructuring have led the company to be scrutinized more than ever by the media and investors, potentially leading to more backlash, but a business has to survive the end of the quarter. Will these decisions fly with the people of Quebec and the government?  How can the company remain true to their roots while expanding internationally?

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Noah Martin



Elyse Moisan

Crisis Director

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Isfah Amanat

Assistant Chair

Cleo Bennett
Assistant Crisis Director