Construction and Corruption: The Charbonneau Commission
September 2011: An anti-corruption report written by Québec politician Jacques Duchesneau would be released to the public, creating shock waves in the province. In the past, news stations have suspected possible links between the construction branch of the province’s largest labour federation, members of the Rizzuto crime family and heads of construction companies. Dubbed the Duchesneau report, it would not only confirm the presence of these connections of collusion, but also details the involvement of politicians and members of the Québec government. Rumors are circulating that after resisting two years of pressure from political opponents, the government of Premier Jean Charest will officially start an anti-corruption public inquiry ran by judge France Charbonneau. Her task will be to examine the different schemes that have taken place in the construction industry. If successful, those involved with the schemes could be arrested for collusion. Politicians, union leaders, and journalists will be meeting during this period of scrutiny to cooperate and recommend a more accountable and more transparent alternative of governance, while the effects of corruption are slowly being felt by the population.


Fabrice Gélinas Larraín


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Jamie Fabian

Crisis Director

Martin Madiba

Assistant Chair


Daksh Jain

Assistant Crisis Director