Committee Staff Applications

Dear Applicant,

Thank you for expressing interest in applying for the staff of the 2019 Concordia Model United Nations conference (ConMUN). As you may know, this conference will be the first ever hosted by Concordia University. As such this year's staff will have the unique task of setting a lasting standard of excellence for future editions.

As we embark on this new journey of creating Concordia's first conference, we look to you our fellow peers in the MUN community. The MUN community has demonstrated to us all that collaboration and communication are an essential key in the success of any conference and it is for these exact reasons that we believe our conference cannot be exclusive to our university. It is for this reason that we have reached out to you all to help us in our endeavour of making a conference worthy of our fine city.

Thanks to our place in the heart of Montreal, ConMUN has been lucky to have access to a wealth of conferences in our beautiful city and the greater region. The staff will be responsible for using this knowledge in creating an innovative and engaging experience that will draw in the delegations from all over and make a lasting place for ConMUN in the North American MUN circuit. In MUN, everyone is driven by a shared desire to "promote ideas such as political activism, diplomatic relations, leadership, discipline and transparency" and it is these exact ideals that we will strive to uphold in our very own conference.

Bakry Alsaieq & Kevin Cremoux

Director-General & Director of Committees
ConMUN 2019

Positions Available:

There are three different types of positions we are offering regarding committee staffers. Below is a quick description for each position:

Committee Coordinator

Committee Coordinators will serve as the main support system for the daises within GAs and SAs. They will assist the dais during working paper edits/distribution, as well as help the dais keep track of the speakers list and award selection. In SAs, Committee Coordinators may be asked to assist with some forms of creative story-telling to move a committee forward.


Pages will act as the main liason between delegates and the dais. They will pass around the notes during committee session as well as make sure they are on-topic and appropriate. Pages are also there to assist delegates with any questions and act as the intermediary between delegates and the dais.

Crisis Staffer

Crisis Staffers will help assist the crisis team (Crisis Director and Assitant Crisis Director) to act out and fulfill crisis arcs and plans. They might be asked to respond to crisis notes or enter committee session to play a character in a dramatic scene.

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