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General Assembly

ConMUN's General Assembly (GA) is the largest committee. In order to maintain a proper balance between substantive debate and delegate participation, we have ranged the size of this committee between 50-60 delegates. Delegates can expect to balance diplomacy and tact in these forums of expression.


Specialized Agencies

ConMUN’s Specialized Agencies (SA) are our mid-tier sized committees. As opposed to the broader based GA’s, our SA’s challenge delegates to delve more deeply into their topics through simulating smaller regional bodies. It should be kept in mind that our SA’s are likely to include crisis elements to help stimulate debate and challenge the critical thinking skills. Delegates can expect committee sizes to range between 25-35 delegates.



We are proud to present our selection of crisis committees for ConMUN 2020. These committees will challenge delegates to stay on their toes, as the everchanging landscape of politics sways with the wind. In the end, victory will reward those who are creative, persuasive and ambitious. Committee sizes will range between 15-20 to ensure each delegate has a specially catered experience that won’t forget.