Disarmament and International Security

Topic 1: Illicit Arms Trade

Topic 2: Biological Warfare

DISEC (Disarmament and International Security Committee) is the first committee at the General Assembly of the United Nations. DISEC deals with issues of disarmament, global concerns and peace threats that affect the international community and seeks answers to the challenges in the international security system. Illicit Arms Trade is the illegal transfer and sale of arms and weapons (in whole or in parts) in violation of national and international laws. The international network of illegal weapons dealers is not only a large and well-connected one, but also profitable. Delegates in this committee will discuss how illicit arms transfers can potentially destabilize a whole region, raise the frequency of violent crimes, and lead to human rights violation. Delegates are expected to find potential solutions to these issues. In addition, this committee will explore one of the most significant issues of the 21st century, biological warfare. Delegates will debate the creation of new conventions or other tools to prevent biological attacks in order to counter the growing threat of biological terrorism. Delegates will also discuss the demilitarization of states' biological weapons and their regulation and explore ways to enforce such measures.

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Paul Firobind


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Antoine Briere

Assistant Chair

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Shon Amayev

Assistant Chair