1881 Egyptian Revolution

!السَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ‎ 

Though the land of Egypt is ancient and mighty, the Egyptian nation has only recently risen from its long slumber. In 1798 the great destroyer of the old, Napoleon, landed at our shores and set the land alight. Since 1805 Egypt has been ruled by the dynasty of Muhammad Ali Pasha who in their defiance of the West and Constantinople have expanded the nation’s power greatly.

Despite immense challenges, the past 80 years have seen a remarkable transformation of Egypt, from a feudal state to one rapidly entering the modern world. However, dark clouds gather.

In his rush to modernize and expand further than even his predecessors our Khedive, Isma’il Basha has left our nation vulnerable. The reconstruction of Cairo, the building of the Suez Canal and conquests in the Sudan have been paid for by recklessly indebting Egypt to European banks. They have come to collect their due, demanding that Egypt submit to outrageous terms. At the same time, modernization has changed the Egyptian people, no longer willing to submit themselves to the wealthy class of rulers, exorbitant taxation and conscription without representation in their own governance. As the populace clamours for a greater say in the national fortunes, leaders are emerging to seize the moment. These leaders form the best and brightest of the economic, political, religious and military minds of the nation. It is their hope for a better Egypt that will drive events in the coming months and shape the nation for decades to come.

إن شاء الله!