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This committee will take an unconventional look into Spain’s most notorious dictator. Delegates will represent the various members of Franco’s military cabinet trying their best to sway the favour of their headstrong leader. The goal of the committee is to take a different spin on the historical dictatorship; instead of having delegates conventionally come up with solutions to halt the dictator’s actions, they will be part of his military team, advancing in the goal to take full control of Spain by taking over Madrid by force. The military officials within this committee will have to agree unanimously and draft resolutions in order to advance their objective, all of which will have to be to Franco’s (the chair’s) liking. Though this committee will be conducted as an SA, there will be some crisis elements implemented throughout to throw the committees military advancements off track and to test how delegates will react and overcome these despite their positions to hopefully take over Spain.

For any committee related inquiries, please email: franco@cg-aa.org

Meet your Dais


Estela Villarabide Varela is a third-year student at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, studying a double major in International Studies and Political Science and a minor in Journalism. Born in Lugo, Galicia, Estela is currently an exchange student at Concordia University. Her first conference was Michigan Youth in Government when she was an exchange student in America and got involved in MUN during her first year of university. Ever since she has attended conferences such as UC3MUN, MUNES or McMUN.  In her free time she enjoys planning trips with her friends or coming back home to visit her family.


Estela Villarabide Varela



Anthony Di Benedetto is currently studying at John Molson School of Business majoring in Management with a minor in Data Intelligence. As the current President the Concordia External Delegation, he is extremely proud of the recent progress made by the delegation team and organization as a whole. He strongly believes that Concordia students are equally capable of performing with distinction at all world-class Model UN conferences. It is his aspiration to see CONMUN eventually ranked among the top ten conferences in North America. In his free time, Anthony is a dedicated soccer fan that loves to discuss everything about the sport. He enjoys meeting people from around the world and looks forward to the conference!


Anthony Di Benedetto