Hockey Safety and Inclusivity Committee
Hockey has been an integral sport since it was first introduced back in 1883 when the first hockey game came to fruition. The sport has evolved through the years as the pace and speed of the game made it increasingly more dangerous. As we have seen, the frequency of injuries and concussions has caused concerns to player safety around the world with irreversible side effects that may remain for a lifetime. This committee’s objective is to find innovative ideas to address the need for player safety around all hockey leagues and federations around the world. Including player safety, hockey should be a sport embraced and encompassed by anyone who wishes to participate regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnic background, or social class. However, acts of racism are still portrayed in the sport on and off the ice. It is important, therefore, to emphasize inclusion in hockey to increase diversification by creating initiatives which could be implemented by the players, coaches, and management as a framework to promote hockey for all. As delegates, you will be tasked with presenting a united front vis-à-vis these issues: how can we make hockey safe and inclusive?

Isaac Bouhdana



David Sarno

Assistant Chair


David Vauthier

Assistant Chair