International Fashion industry Forum

Shopping for clothing in the modern age is becoming increasingly effortless. For one, stores are expanding their geographic spread of locations so all prospective customers can physically access their clothes. Even when going to a store is not an option, online store websites make it only one click away from buying any pants, shoes or jackets you could ever want or need. In theory, this is perfect for the time-crunched reality so much of the population exists in, as many do not have time to go to a store anshop. However, underneath all the sales, promotions and BOGO’s, the fashion industry is spiraling down a destructive path of human rights violations, ethical issues and environmental impact catastrophes. 

In order to keep customers happy and address these pressing issues, changes must be made. Companies need to practice sustainable methods of clothing production. Managers need to find alternatives to employing children in sweatshops getting paid only a few cents an hour. Society as a whole needs to support the recycling of clothing instead of filling up our landfills with them. The countries’ growing capitalist ideology is not going to change the hefty demand for clothing. This committee will challenge lawmakers and corporations to find a solution that accommodates all these accumulating concerns while satisfying the populations shopping addiction.