Chaos in Kingston: Jamaican Political Upheaval, 1976 (JCC)

Since obtaining its independence from Britain in 1962, Jamaica has been the setting for near constant violence on the streets, often bordering on civil war. However, Michael Manley, son of the leader of the opposition party during most of Jamaica’s independence, Norman Manley, was on a course to put an end to the chaos. He was seen as the figure that would unite the extremely divided country. As everyone awaits the election results on December 15th, 1976, Manley fails to show up to his party rally. His staff members, after investigating his absence, find him dead in the room. The news sends the country once again into turmoil. Delegates in this committee will represent several Jamaican and foreign government officials and will have to put the violence to rest once again. As the country is once again on the verge of a civil war and can be seen as a new front in the ongoing Cold War between the Americans and Soviets, opportunities for political meddling are made clear. New opportunities for unrest and violence present themselves, but delegates will have to set a clear path for the future of the island nation. 

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Suzannah Zakour



Gabriela Villaroel

Assistant Chair


Carl Kfoury



Vedang Dubey

Assistant Chair


Jonah Guez

Crisis Director


Alexandre Ashkir

Assistant Crisis Director

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Daniel Juc

Assistant Crisis Director