Amour, trahison, jalousie et vengeance – voici les quatre grands thèmes abordés par Alexandre Dumas dans Le Comte de Monte Cristo. C’est l’histoire classique d'un homme innocent qui a intentionnellement été mis à prison à tort, et sa brillante stratégie de vengeance contre ceux qui l'ont trahi. Le jeune marin fringant Edmond Dantès est un jeune homme honnête qui a vu sa vie paisible et son mariage avec la charmante Mercedes s’effondre brusquement à cause de son meilleur ami Fernand, qui veut Mercedes pour lui-même. Vivez en temps réel l’emprisonnement du pauvre Dantès, sa fuite du Château d’If, ainsi que sa transformation en Comte de Monte Cristo et sa vengeance envers la cause de toute ces misères.

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Meet your Dais

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Ioana Manea


Ioana Manea is a first-year law student at Université de Montréal, with a background in health sciences. She was born in Romania but has always lived in Montreal. Ioana started Model United Nations at John Abbott College and has continued ever since, while also partaking in debate in the Canadian University Society for Intercollegiate Debate (CUSID) as well as the Société universitaire canadienne de débat intercollégial (SUCDI). Ioana also participated multiple times to parliamentary simulation, notably in The Youth Council of Montreal and the Youth Parliament of Quebec. During her free time, Ioana enjoys long distance running, watching indie movies and spontaneously trying out new restaurants.


Ousmane Diagne


Ousmane is a first-year student at the Faculty of Law of the University of Montreal and an alumnus of Marianopolis College. He first started Model UN at the end of his second year of CEGEP and has since then kept on participating in as many conferences, as both delegate and staffer, as he could. Being particularly indecisive, his interests range from business to social issues without forgetting reading and the occasional writing. Reading has been an essential part of his life from a young age and books have a special place in his heart.


Jonah Guez

Crisis Director

Straight from Concordia, Jonah is a second year Political Science major with a minor in Human Rights Law. Being half French and half Canadian, world politics have become his passion. Having chaired conferences in France as well as being a competitive delegate for four years, Jonah has attended several North American conferences and THIMUN during high school. Jonah is eager to take on the challenge of being a Crisis Director for the Monte-Cristo committee this year at ConMUN. Interested international news and debate, he wishes to pursue his education in international law in hopes of becoming a layer for international NGOs.


Andrea Santamaria

Assistant Crisis Director

Andrea Santamaria is a second-year student at Concordia University, majoring in Sociology, and minoring in Law and Society. She was born and raised in Montreal by two Italian parents. This is her first year participating in Model United Nation, and she is quite thrilled to be part of such a fantastic team. After enrolling in Concordia, she served as an ambassador for the Law and Society Student Association. With a passion for law, and politics, Andrea wishes to pursue a career in law