Topic: A revised and updated charter on human and people's rights

On June 27th, 1981, the African Charter of Human and People’s Rights was created. This charter covers a multitude of different issues regarding the different rights of citizens, however, it is no secret that many current issues are not addressed in the charter. In addition, there have been many charter violations in the last few years that need to be discussed. This committee is challenged with a large task. Delegates will not only be asked to analyze the various articles of the African Charter of Human and People’s Rights, they will also be asked to amend these articles. In order to amend the charter, delegates must consider, and debate relevant issues such as the The "End Sars" movement, the silent holocaust in Congo and the Cameroon anglophone crisis.


How can we amend the charter in order to protect the rights of citizens? How will we ensure safety for journalists, in order to preserve the Freedom of the Press? These are a couple of the issues that have not been thoroughly addressed in the many different countries present in this committee. Delegates will be able to discuss these issues over the course of the weekend and will amend the charter, in order to provide citizens with a better way forward, for the future of Africa. 

Committee email: charter@cg-aa.org

What a Steal: Money Heist

Heart pounding, fear and anxiety course through your body as you are on your way to the Bank of Spain in a fake military truck. Madrid is in chaos, full of protests, and money is falling from the sky. The most ambitious heist in world history is underway, and you are at its core. After having successfully printed and stolen €984 million from the Royal Mint of Spain in Madrid in a prior heist, the old gang is back for more.  This time, though, the heist is different. Under a new plan, the thieves are going to hit the government where it hurts - attempting to steal the foundation of the country’s economy: 90 tonnes of gold in the Bank of Spain. Delegates in this committee will represent the most wanted criminals in Spain, as well as members of the police force trying to catch them. This is not a mere heist; it is war. It is no longer solely about the money:  it is about rescuing a fallen member of the gang, it is about love, and, most of all, it is about resistance.  

“Questo è il fiore del partigiano, o bella ciao, bella ciao, bella ciao ciao ciao, questo è il fiore del partigiano morto per la libertà”  - Bella Ciao



Kessy Simbi


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Nassim Boutalbi

Crisis Director


Noah Leve

Assistant Chair


Liam Quraeshi

Assistant Crisis Director