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Odysseus' Ship: A Mythological Crisis

The Siege of Troy has ended in victory for the Achaeans. Odysseus, through his cunning, surpassed god and men in taking the city by trickery. With their mission finally completed, what remains of his army must now begin their Odyssey back to their homes. Yet, even after a decade at war, the gods will not allow them to soon return; having angered Poseidon, Odysseus is cursed to wander the seas. 

But something is wrong: as they look around after a particularly strong storm drove them off course, Odysseus’ crew cannot find their beloved general. Those left on the ships will have to fend for themselves as they travel through the sea of myths and legends in this committee based on survival, exploration, and mythology.


Ramzi Ajami



Martin Madiba

Assistant Chair


Alex Ashkir

Crisis Director


Daniel Juc

Assistant Crisis Director

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