Organization of african unity

The year 1963 marks the creation of the Organization of African Unity (OAU) and the beginning of a new era for the African continent. This dynamic new association focuses on building a prosperous future for all Africans. The OAU hopes to establish a strong economic and political future. To do so, it must ensure cooperation and coordination between all Member States. Moreover, the OAU has committed itself to the fight against colonialism and white minority rule, while working towards equal rights for all Africans and the promotion of peace and diplomacy in conflict resolution. Furthermore, the OAU expects to remain nonpartisan in terms of current global politics so as to avoid control from external forces. It remains to be seen whether or not the OAU will be able to meet its objectives of promoting unity, solidarity, integrity and development throughout all Member States, as well as promoting international cooperation within the United Nations framework.

For any committee related inquiries, please email: oau@cg-aa.org

Meet Your Dais


Yasmina Chebib is a second year Cell and Molecular Biology student at Concordia University. In addition to completing her Bachelor of Science degree, she works as a laboratory technician at a pharmacy and works alongside her professors at the Concordia Biology labs. She has done model United Nations since her first year at Marianopolis College and throughout her first year at Concordia. Apart from spending most of her time in laboratories, Yasmina likes to research, therefore competing and being part of the Canadian undergrad conference of healthcare and research held in Kingston. It is a great honour for Yasmina to be able to participate at the first ConMUN conference seeing that she was a diligent ConMUN delegate herself and would like to mirror her unforgettable experience to the delegates participating. Yasmina is beyond excited to meet every single one of you.


Yasmina Chebib



Nina Bouteldja is in her final year of undergraduate studies, majoring in Political Science with a minor in Economics. Nina was born in Algeria and has made Canada her home 16 years ago. She is a vivid reader and enjoys traveling and discovering new cultures, which allowed her to broaden her language skills. Nina attended many national and international MUN conferences, thus strengthening her passion for taking part in competitions involving crisis management and policymaking. In addition to being the first Director of Concordia University’s International Relations Society, Nina was also involved in the Political Science Student Association as VP of Internal Affairs. Moreover, she took part in the Jeux de la science politique both as a delegate and as the Director of the negotiation component. Nina now works as Special Assistant to her Member of Parliament and hopes to pursue her career in the political realm. 


Nina Bouteldja