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Amalia is in her third year of completing a major in Political Science and a minor in history. Initially interested in the sciences, she discovered Model UN in high school, an experience which would change the course of her education. While she has since retired a delegate, she continues to participate in Model UN as an organizer, a passion she discovered as Secretary General of MariMUN 2019. Amalia recognizes how privileged she is to have been exposed to such a remarkable activity that has truly changed her life and she hopes to share this experience with as many people as possible. When she's not writing essays, Amalia enjoys early mornings, unironically playing sudoku and endlessly scrolling through UK realty websites for a London flat she definitely cannot afford.

Amalia Mastroberardino

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Fabrice is a third-year student finishing his Honours program in Political Science, as well as his two minors in Economics and in International Development. Born in Bolivia, they grew up in the South Shore of the province, in the city of Mont-Saint-Hilaire, only to move to Montreal for their studies. Being passionate about public policy and international affairs, Fabrice plans in doing a Masters in International Business. Having staffed during the last two iterations of this conference, Fabrice is very proud to serve as this year's Director General for CONMUN 2023. Aside from serving as head delegate of the Concordia External Delegation, he enjoys geeking about music, shopping downtown with friends, and drawing.


Fabrice Gélinas Larraín

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Annabel Zecchel is a first-year student majoring in Software Engineering. She is delighted to serve as Chargée d’Affaires for this year’s conference. She started Model UN in CÉGEP, where she discovered her passion for public speaking, as well as learning about international relations and various NGOs. Outside of Model UN, Annabel can be found in the library working away on her never-ending coding assignments, or on the hunt for Montreal’s best matcha latte.

Annabel Zecchel
Chargée d'Affaires

Emanuel is a second-year student in Medicine. He discovered his passion for Model UN back in 2017 when he was in high school. Since then, he has participated in numerous conferences as a delegate and as a staffer. He had the opportunity to fulfill the roles of Interim Chargé d’Affaires for JACMUN 2019 as well as Director of Committees for MUNC 2019. When he is not procrastinating/complaining about his exams, you can often find him getting involved with medical student advocacy groups such as CéAMC-Qc, AÉÉMUM, and IFMSA amongst others. Beyond his everlasting quest for a normal sleep schedule, he is often on the lookout for food joints, and can often be seen indulging in a much-needed iced coffee or bubble tea while listening to music.


Emanuel Louis
Director of Committees

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Yianni Stroumbakis
USG Finance

Yianni is a fourth year accounting major. Otherwise know as the king of Excel spreadsheets, Yianni has developed key soft skills as well as budgeting skills which have made him a great fit for the USG finance position. Yianni represents the clean slate of people who have not yet participated in Model UN conferences as a delegate and is ready to bring a new perspective to the CONMUN 2023 team. On his personal time, you can either find Yianni training for a triathlon, in the Plateau area or reading a book with a frappe by his side. Aside from that, Yianni is an avid podcast listener, a lover of sunrises and the outdoors, and greatly enjoys spending time with his friends and family.

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Nithya Mahasenan has been competing in Model United Nations since high school, and had a successful undefeated 2021-2022 season, including awards at NAMUN and McMUN. She is thrilled to serve as this year’s USG Internal for CONMUN 2023, and is working hard at creating a memorable delegate experience. As an American herself, she’s excited to meet and welcome all the international delegates! In her free time, she loves playing with her Siberian husky, watching trashy Netflix dating shows, and spending way too much money eating out. If you find her at the conference, ask her for a Montreal restaurant recommendation!


Nithya Mahasenan
USG Internal Affairs

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Alex O'Neill
USG Marketing

Alex O'Neill is currently undertaking the first year of a Political Science major and an English Literature minor. Having been on the MUN circuit for nearly six years, he has participated in and won awards at conferences across the Greater Montreal Area. He enjoys cycling, listening to his vast and diverse record collection, live music, poetry and the avant-garde. As someone who is artistically-minded, Alex is currently collaborating on an international puppet theatre production that has received financial support from the Quebec government. He is also dutiful in his civility, having served in various administrative posts under both the municipal and federal governments in the past. As a born and raised Montrealer, Alex also enjoys promenading through the Plateau-Mont-Royal neighbourhood, along with salivating over a delectable plate of poutine from La Banquise.

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