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Alex is in his second year attending Concordia University, completing a double major in Community, Public Affairs & Policy Studies and Political Science. He has been attending Model UN conferences since starting CEGEP in 2017 and has fallen in love with the craft. Alex has attended over three dozen conferences as a delegate, chair, crisis director, secretariat member and more, including as USG Finance for CONMUN 2021. On the delegate side, Alex is a proud member of the Concordia External Delegation (CED), where he holds the position of Chief Financial Officer, and looks forward to meeting many of you on the circuit this year! Outside of MUN, Alex loves to cook, fish, talk about and spot planes, and watch and a play a multitude of sports, but most of all, curling!

Alex Rona 

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Alexi is a Journalism major at Concordia University, pursuing the craft he has always been fond of. A native of Montreal, Alexi started his Model UN career four years ago at Dawson College. He went on to serve as President of the club during his second year of CEGEP. Last year, he served as the Secretary-General of CONMUN 2021. This year, Alexi is more than thrilled to embark on the newest and most challenging task of his Model UN career, serving as president of Concordia's delegation team while also taking on the role of Chargée D'Affaires for CONMUN 2022. Alexi looks forward to seeing all of you both at CONMUN at at conferences across the North American circuit this year. He is know for his distinctive turtlenecks and love for crisis committees. He has attended countless conferences across the North American and Canadian circuit and is eager to bring that experience to CONMUN. Outside of Model UN, Alexi loves the great outdoors. He is an avid fisherman and will never miss an opportunity to explore a new lake. His other passion is sports. He has been playing hockey, football, tennis, and much more since he was young.


Alexi Dubois
Chargée d'Affaires

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Christina is completing a double major in Political Science and Social Justice. She served as CONMUN 2021’s USG of GAs and SAs, and is beyond excited to take on the role of Director-General for CONMUN 2022! After being the Vice-President Training for the Dawson College Model United Nations team last year, she continued her leadership in MUN by taking on the role of being one of the Concordia External Delegation’s Head Delegates for the 2021-2022 season. Christina loves to cook, write music, watch movies, and do fun activities like escape rooms. In her free time, she can be found watching Modern Family, or playing the piano if she isn’t out with friends!

Christina Koikaran

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José is a first-year Chemical Engineering major. José started participating in Model UN in 2018 at John Abbott College, where he has had the chance to participate in various conferences around Montreal and Canada. He also had the chance to serve as the Secretary-General for the John Abbott Model UN conference (JACMUN) in April 2021. Although he self-describes as crisis delegate, he will have the pleasure to serve as CONMUN’s USG GA/SA. In his free time José likes to and participate in sporting activities, mostly soccer, practice languages, and learn to code. He is very excited to welcoming you to the 2022 edition of CONMUN.


Jose Moro


Zach is in his first year at Concordia University and is pursuing a double major in Journalism and Political Science. He started Model UN in CEGEP and quickly found his love for crisis committees. Being the Vice-President of the Dawson College Model United Nations team was the next step in furthering his presence within the MUN community. He is so excited to be this year’s head of crisis committees, and can’t wait to get started! Aside from MUN, Zach loves cooking up a storm, reading obscure academic papers, laughing it up with friends, debating political issues, listening to early 2000s R&B music, and lounging in the sun with a cocktail. He can’t wait to see you all at CONMUN!

Zachary Fortier
USG Crises

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Mia is currently completing her second year where she is studying Sociology and Communications. She hopes to pursue a Masters of Social Work upon the completion of her Bachelor’s degree. Mia was first exposed to Model UN in 2018 during her first semester attending Dawson College. Over the course of the last three years, she has attended multiple conferences across Canada. This is Mia's second year as USG Marketing, and she has done an incredible job so far! In her final year of CEGEP, she served as DCMUN’s vice-president of delegate services and was an assistant chair of the San Francisco committee at MUNC 2019. Recently, she has served as Director of Committees at MUNC 2020, as well as Secretary-General of MTLMUN. Outside of MUN, Mia enjoys driving (a bit too much) as well as binge-watching various sitcoms and cooking competition shows.


Mia Solivo
USG Marketing

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Yianni is a third-year accounting major. Otherwise known as the king of excel spreadsheets, Yianni has developed key soft skills as well as budgeting skills which has made him a great fit for USG Finance. On his personal time, you can either find Yianni training for a triathlon in the Plateau or reading a book with a frappe by his side. Aside from that, Yianni is an avid podcast listener, a lover of sunrises and the outdoors, and greatly enjoys spending time with friends and family.

Yianni Stroumbakis
USG Finance

Amalia is in her second year at Concordia University, completing a major in Political Science and a minor in History. Initially interested in the sciences, she discovered Model UN in high school, an experience which would change the course of her education. While she has retired as a delegate, she continues to participate in Model UN as an organizer, a passion she discovered as Secretary General of MariMUN 2019. Amalia recognizes how privileged she is to have been exposed to such a remarkable extracurricular activity that has truly changed her life and she hopes to share this experience with as many people as possible. When she’s not writing essays, Amalia enjoys early mornings, playing sudoku, and endlessly scrolling through UK realty websites for a London flat she definitely cannot afford.


Amalia Mastroberardino
USG Internal Affairs

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