Meet our Senior Staff

Working alongside our Secretariat, we are proud to introduce ConMUN 2019’s Senior Staff!


Kyoko Nakano-Go - Marketing Consultant

Kyoko Nakano-Go is a third year student at Concordia University, studying International Business and Marketing. Born in the United States, Kyoko grew up in a multicultural household comprised of Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, and French culture. Kyoko spent a majority of her life living in various cities within Asia and North America, leading to her interest in International Relations. In high school, Kyoko joined her school’s delegation and began attending various MUN conferences as a delegate. She continued attending conferences as both a delegate and volunteer throughout her high school and college career. In her free time, Kyoko enjoys studying the history and development of Asian fashion and street style, reading, and working with young children.


Sofia Caro - Marketing Consultant

Sofia Caro is a third year student at Concordia University, pursuing a double major in International Business and Marketing. Born in Medellin, Colombia Sofia has always been passionate about humanitarian issues around the world. From the moment she attended an International Law summer camp at University of Toronto, Sofia knew she wanted to be involved with International Organizations. In 9th grade she participated in her first Model UN conference and continued going to several ones in Colombia. Sofia is currently working at Career Management Services in John Molson School of Business as a Volunteer Program Coordinator. In her free time, Sofia enjoys reading, cooking and exercising. Sofia looks forward to being part of one of the many organisms of the United Nations.