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Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee

SOCHUM, also known as the Third Committee of the General Assembly, covers a wide variety of human rights concerned by the Sustainable Development Goals. This committee is known by many for its far reach and versatility in the challenges and issues that are addressed. The first topic, Navigating the Web of Disinformation in the Digital Age, delves into the complexity of truth in an era of digital data sharing. Distinguishing truth from myth within increasingly accessible sources of information has become increasingly challenging with the multiple agendas of the parties involved. In regards to the second topic, Cultural Protection of Minorities, delegates will explore solutions to help protect and preserve the heritage status of minority cultures. Furthermore, they will need to navigate the complex realms of multiculturalism and diversity, all while addressing cultural appropriation and exploitation within the context of the contemporary world.


Alex Rona

Paul Firobind

Assistant Chair


Constantina Vossos

Assistant Chair


Guillaume Vadnais

Assistant Chair

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