Social, Cultural & Humanitarian Committee (Sochum)

Welcome to the Third Committee of the United Nations General Assembly, better known as SOCHUM! In years past, this committee has dedicated its focus towards addressing a wide variety of issues regarding human rights questions that have and continue to affect individuals across our planet.

This year will mark SOCHUM’s 75th session. Delegates will have the opportunity to engage in profound and intellectual discussions regarding social, humanitarian and cultural violations of fundamental human rights. This could include topics from the rights of women, the rights of children, indiginous issues, refugee treatment and freedoms through the elimination of racial discrimation. In addition, the assembly also touches on humanitarian crises, such as issues related to family, youth, ageing, crime prevention and justice, persons with disabilities and drug control. 

To combat these issues at hand, generating meaningful discussion is not sufficient. Delegates must also be able to back up their concerns on these many issues by providing resolutions and innovative new ideas, in order to demonstrate their engagement and commitment towards bettering the lives of future generations. Are you up for the challenge?