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Saudi Arabia 2030: The Line

As we face the depleting effects of overpopulation on our environment, THE LINE offers a solution by reimagining the very concept of urban living. An ambitious project funded by the Saudi Crown, THE LINE envisions an entirely carbon neutral city that will be home to nine million citizens condensed into a 200 m wide, 170 km long structure located in the Tabuk province of Saudi Arabia. THE LINE would be powered by 100% renewable energy and accessible to all citizens through a viable public transportation system, all while preserving the surrounding ecosystem. The project is set to be completed within the decade as part of Saudi Arabia’s 2030 Vision. Is THE LINE truly the utopia we have been looking for, or is this another overzealous enterprise destined to fail?

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Noah Martin



Hudson Bonneau

Assistant Chair


Rosalie Gauthier

Crisis Director


Liam Quraeshi

Assistant Crisis Director

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