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UNGA: Special Session on the duties and rights of journalism

The growing threat towards press freedom and journalist rights has never been more apparent than in today's world. With the rise of 'fake news' rhetoric and censorship, as well as journalists being thrown in jail cells around the world, hostilities towards the media are spreading from dictatorships to democracies. This UNGA Special Session will host countries directly involved in this growing menace to discuss, debate and come up with solutions that will not only include the specific role journalism holds within our societies, but also how we can protect and enforce article 19 of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights for all journalists around the globe.

For any committee related inquiries, please email: unga@cg-aa.org

Meet your Committee Speaker


Melissa Kent

CBC Correspondent to the United Nations

Melissa Kent is an award-winning journalist currently based in New York City as the United Nations correspondent for CBC Radio Canada. She reports in English and French on local and international stories for radio and television. Her career as a journalist began in the Montreal television newsroom in 1998. Since then, Melissa has held a number of radio and television positions at the CBC, including investigative reporter, assignment editor and producer. She has also volunteered for short-term assignments as a media instructor in Rwanda (2007) and Ghana (2013).

Meet your Dais


Laura is a fourth year Political Science major at Concordia University. She is a member of multiple organizations within and outside of Concordia. Recently, Laura has been appointed to the board of directors of the World Federalist Movement-Canada, Montreal chapter. Moreover, she recently returned from Italy where she was one of two delegates representing Canada at a conference on European Federalism. She has attended multiple conferences including HNMUN and NCSC. After finishing her undergrad in Political Science, Laura wishes to pursue a Masters Degree in International Affairs.


Laura Cistera-McEwan



Born in Toronto, moved to Ottawa and raised in Montreal the Lebanese way. Layla grew up along the side of her mother. She started her education at Stanislas College where she graduated with a French baccalaureate in Social And Economic sciences. Layla devoted her life to many things: Captain of the school’s Basketball team, in which she had the chance to win tournaments with the RSEQ, strongly involved with MUN, motivated to improve her Boxing skills, finish her B.A in Psychology at Concordia University and continue pursuing her current job; where she teaches and manages the French department in a company within the Chinese community.


Layla Charlebois