United nations security council: Kashmir

“Two giants, two nuclear giants. We are nothing in between them.” 

-Aijaz Ganaie, Kashmiri

Kashmir (or Jammu and Kashmir) is a beautiful mountainous land racked by pain and conflict. Since the partition of the Indian subcontinent by the British in 1947 it’s status has remained unclear and highly contentious. To this day Kashmir remains one of the largest territorial disputes in the world affecting millions directly and hundreds of millions indirectly. The First Indo-Pakistan War began when the two nations fought over which side had the right to take Kashmir, splitting the kingdom’s territory between them. Since then, numerous conflicts between the two nations were fought at least in part in the territory and since the 1990s has been characterized by asymmetrical warfare and a brutal security crackdown in the region. Today the majority of Kashmiris live under Indian administration where laws have become increasingly restrictive with regards to the civil rights of the local populace. Once again the conflict has reached a boiling point as mass protests are attempting to challenge the unsustainable status quo. There is an even greater danger to this conflict, the possibility of two nuclear armed nations facing off once again over Kashmir. A dire situation of global importance.

It is up to you, the members of the United Nations Security Council avoid outright war. You must bring these warring nations to terms. You must overcome the civil and political strife tearing the subcontinent appart. You must prioritize the people of Kashmir, as only that can ensure lasting peace. You have the power, wield it wisely.